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Wealthy Affiliate a scam or the real deal – find out more

Welcome everyone to Real Freedom Affiliate.

So hello everyone and welcome to Real Freedom Affiliate where we look at real online business opportunities out there in the online world to make either supplement income or of course full-time income. I am your author Hierroman and this review here is on the popular Affiliate Marketing site Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I don’t know about other sites or people out there, but when I am looking for information over a product or looking into a product review I like things to be straight forward and direct. So please guys let me know down below in the comment section if we are not direct, or if you want more information anything to better assist all you guys coming here. So without further or do let’s get into it.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? Is it worth it?

So what is Wealthy Affiliate you may ask? Most of you landing on here will probably know a little or a lot of what is Wealthy Affiliate, but for those who don’t know or need a little refresher here, it is.

Wealthy Affiliate is a site where they offer a set of tools, education, and a community in order to teach you and me how to become an Affiliate Marketers.


I will give you a comprehensive review as well as my opinion on Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Wealth Affiliate a real business opportunity? The answer is yes. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and is one of the many ways out there online in which a person or group can make some real money.

Some of you now may be asking “is Wealth Affiliate really worth it?” Rest assured, because here at Real Freedom Affiliate I asked the same questions. The answer to this question is yes, again. Here at Real Freedom Affiliate yours truly, Hierroman, has tried many different courses ranging from e-commerce to social media advertising, to Affiliate Marketing, and in my experience, none have come close to the quality of what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Below you will find an overview of my review of Wealthy Affiliate along with my detailed breakdown review of Wealthy Affiliate; also towards the end, I will give you my personal opinion of course. So stick around till the end!


Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Training: 4.8/5
Website Builder: 4.8/5
WordPress Hosting: 4.8/5
Research Tools: 4.9/5
Success Stories: 4.5/5
Price: Starter Membership (Free), Premium ($49/MO-$359/YR)

Let’s Break It Down Further – Shall We

I’m not going to go into the founders of Wealthy Affiliate or how their career started because quite frankly that doesn’t matter. I like to get into the focus of things. So with that being said lets breakdown what Wealthy Affiliate offers and what one can hope to get out of it.

So first let’s start with the main thing. When someone is looking into Wealthy Affiliate or come across Wealthy Affiliate they are either looking to make money online, start a business, learn affiliate marketing, or something along those lines. For the reasons mention above is why I’m going to start with what I think are the core products of Wealth Affiliate or at least the main things one gets when they purchase the membership.

Core Products

Courses: “Neutral Niche vs. Affiliate Boot Camp”:

You might see other Wealthy Affiliate reviews out there that might focus on other things that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer such as their Support, Community, Live Videos, or hosting. I like to focus my review on the actual courses because let’s be real if you sign up the one thing that you might be spending the most time on is the actual courses in themselves! Not to worry as I will also touch upon all the extras as well.


So Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 types of training courses. The first course is for what they call a “neutral niche” course in which the user picks the niche they want to make their site or business about, and they follow a series of videos/ tutorials on how to do just that. So if you are just testing the waters which are fine one can start with the “Starter Membership” which offers only the first course which is about ten lessons or tutorials.

As a premium member, however, you get access to all 5 courses and lessons which in total is about 50 lessons. These lessons range literally from the beginning of how to pick a niche to eventually how to automate your business so that you can sit back relax and watch your money come into your bank account.

The second course that Wealthy Affiliate offers is what they call the “affiliate boot camp” which is made for those in the “make money online” niche and they teach their users how to promote WA among other things. This course has 7 courses with 70 lessons overall, and again this comes completely from how to start to how to automate your business and everything in between!

Of course, free members or starter members only get the 1 course for free which includes the first 10 lessons. Again, premium members get access to all the lessons that they have to offer, and of course all subsequent tools that come along with it.

Which one for you? Well As With Most Things In Life It Depends.

So now that I’ve explained a little bit about both main courses that WA teaches to their members the question you may have is which one is for me? Well plain and simple it depends. When I first started I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing or how to get into it so choosing a niche for me was horrific. It also didn’t help that I have zero creativity; which is how I failed art.


If you find yourself like me with no experience in Affiliate Marketing, no creative background, or simply it’s too hard to choose then go for the boot camp. After all the same skills that you learn in the boot camp can be applied to other topics as well I promise you!

Now if you are one of those really creative people than kudos to you. Go for the neutral niche course, because at the end of the day one can always write/ blog about something that they truly enjoy, and it gives you all the freedom in the world to take your business in the direction that you want!

How About Quality? Hierroman’s Favorite Piece.

Okay so every author out there has a favorite piece of their work and for me, it’s this section right here where I’ll tell you about the quality of the education one can receive here from Wealthy Affiliate.


Now when I look into a course/ teachings I like to look at the actual quality of the information being given. This has been a real issue with me in the past, because when you look at programs/ courses out there on the web that promise to make you a return on your investment; the “gurus” make it look easy and often overlook that the person learning is a novice, may not learn as fast, or the way the “gurus” are teaching is just trash.

On Wealthy Affiliate the courses are thought via videos like in most if not all other sites; however, Kyle the found and teacher of Wealthy Affiliate has a real way of putting things simple enough that anyone can get it. Kyle Goes through each topic with an example, and then in the bottom whatever he was speaking about is also in text which to me is a real bonus, because one can use the information from the video along with the text to create a better mental picture of what one should be doing.

If that wasn’t enough Kyle also has a bunch of images in every lesson of where to go, what to click, and how your page should be looking so that you can mirror his in one’s own special niche of course.

As if that wasn’t enough there is also a list of tasks on every lesson that one must complete, and I really love this because it gives ones multiple points of value without even realizing it. First, you get to see and track your progress as you complete the training provided. Second, the tasks are fairly simple which makes you feel smart, and lastly, it gives you confidence as you move through the training.

Tools To Help You Succeed In Your Marketing Journey!

I’ve talked about Wealthy Affiliate’s main products that you will receive if one decides to sign up, so now it’s time to tackle the tools that one will receive to help you succeed.

I’ve signed up to other training/ programs out there that say they will teach you a set of skill or whatever, but half the time when it comes to the tools needed or the extra things one has to go find them on their own. With Wealthy Affiliate, one gets all the tools from them right there on their platforms. I’ll explain the tools that the membership offers.

Below I have listed some of the tools that will come with your WA membership. There are differences between Starter (Free) and Premiums Memberships of course. Again, these are just some as I can’t count them all.

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Keyword Research Tools – Your Bread And Butter

So if you ever tried to get in the Affiliate Marketing or the E-commerce world, in general, you know how important keywords are for generating traffic. If you don’t know about keyword research then let me tell you now that will be your business’s bread and butter.


When I first started into the world of E-commerce back in 2014 keyword research was useful, but I could never grasp it. There was just too much information and I was even worse at coming up with good keywords. Now keyword research is essential to success. With that being said let’s take a look at the keyword research tool that Wealthy Affiliate uses.

Wealthy Affiliate uses the program Jaaxy for the keyword research tool. Like any tool, one should first be first informed on how to use this tool, but not to worry of course as there are videos on how to effectively use this tool. The videos are also very straightforward and offer different strategies on how to find and implement keywords into your business. Free member’s get limited access to this tool and premium to get the full access.

In my opinion, just the scope of this tool alone is worth at least $30 plus a month just, because of how easy and accurate it is. When you are looking for keywords for which to write your content believe me anyone can appreciate this tool. This fact is just amplified by the videos, because what good is the tool if one doesn’t know how to use it properly.

Web Builder – No Technical Experience Needed And Plenty To Choose From

I remember the first website I ever created which was on the Shopify platform as I was trying to create a drop shipping business. My website looked wonky, to say the least, and honestly, it’s because I had to add so much of my own design, and as earlier mentioned I have no creativity in my body so you can only imagine the difficulty that I went through.

Wealthy Affiliate has their own custom made websites from which to choose one. There are only 12 themes for the starter membership, and for the premium, there are hundreds of themes to choose from. The reason for so many themes it’s because in the world of Affiliate Marketing there are many different reasons that people start sites and for those very same reasons you need a site to match your specific needs.

Now, this is a real plus, because these sites were made for conversation as they say, but aside from that, the real value here is that one doesn’t have to spend the time or thought into coming up with a site. One also doesn’t have to pay a web developer or designer to make a site for them, and I’ve seen the sites that Wealthy Affiliate has to choose from, and I always find a new one that I like.

Web Hosting – Domain Also Included – (SiteRubix)

So here I would like to restate that at Wealthy Affiliate you really do have all the tools right there, and don’t have to go to another site or person for anything.

This section is dedicated to the web hosting. Now here I’ll admit I don’t know much about web hosting, but I’ll tell you what I do know. When I first bought my domain back in 2014 I thought all I needed was my .com and I was ready to go. I learned the hard way that I needed a host to have my site on.

Here is where I like Wealthy Affiliate. Sites are hosted by SiteRubix.  When I bought my domain I had to pay a yearly fee to have my site hosted on Bluehost. Wealthy Affiliate will host 2 sites for starter members and up to 25 sites for premium member’s and it’s not an added cost.

That is why I keep reiterating that Wealthy Affiliate really does have all the tools when one starts to think about it. They offer training, keyword research tools, website builders, and website hosting. Most other programs might offer one of these, but rarely will they offer more than 2. So even if you don’t want anything to do with WA you can still start an affiliate marketing business through them.

Content Templates – For Those Who Think They Can’t Write Like Me

So here is one thing that I found very helpful. As I probably stated like a dozen times I don’t have much creativity when it comes to the arts, thankfully WA has writing templates to better guide your writing. Heck they even give your ideas, about what to write and where to focus your writing. They also give templates for the miscellaneous things such as an “About Us” page.

It’s sort of relief if you will that you don’t have to come up with all the content by yourself, and that there are guides to follow.

Mentorship – For Those Visual And Kinetic learners Out There

When it comes to learning I’m the type of person that learns better from observing and following along with a person. I am really impressed with the mentorship at WA because at the other programs the “mentor” either will tell you to look at a video or sometimes just give you a generic answer; but at WA the mentors actually are very helpful.

Everyone who signs up gets a mentor right off the bat, and they introduce themselves to you as well as tell you their experience in the industry as well as with WA. I like this because it gives the sense of a human touch as well.

The mentor also checks up on you to see your progress, and are always asking you questions to make sure you are getting the most out of WA. This is also part of their community that they are known for. Look down below for more information.

Community/ Support – The Number Affiliate Community In The Web

So Wealthy Affiliate likes to toot their own horn when it comes to their community and for good reason. I’ll admit that they have one of the most impressive communities for entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and average Joes out there trying to make money online.


Just in my personal experience, I’ve bought programs where they offer a community, but in reality, there is just a bunch of amateurs asking the question with no responses or limited responses. At WA there is a good number of users who have several years of experience are almost on command when it comes to helping the community.

Just the sheer speed in which they answer questions, and help out the community is impressive. They always promote their member to contribute to the community and to help the newer users. Other users will even create training videos when they discover new information. It is just insane the effort WA pours into this.

Success Stories – The Most Out There

I’ll be the first to admit here on Real Freedom Affiliate that if one were to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate that if they want to see a return on their investment they better be prepared to put in a good amount of work and effort.

With that being said I’ve seen success stories from different programs and no other programs comes near to WA when it comes to the amount of success that I have seen. Now I’m not saying this to convince anyone, because I’m the first question success stories, but at WA these stories are not just your typical “17 year old becomes a millionaire overnight”.

Their success stories come from real users and they range from people making 6 figures to other people who share that they reach their milestone of averaging a $100/ Monthly. I like these stories because they offer realistic results.

Like I stated earlier I personally don’t get too much convincing on success stories because anyone can get lucky once or twice. At WA they celebrate even the small wins which count a lot too, and really motivate people to continue with it, not just give them hope that they will become rich tomorrow type of deal.

Hierroman Says – Of Course, My Overall Opinion


At the end of each of my reviews that will be posted here at Real Freedom Affiliate, I will state my opinion at the end, because quite honestly if I wouldn’t do it how can I expect anyone else to do it.

My opinion on WA? Hierroman says that WA is an actual business opportunity that could help anyone that is willing to commit and put in the work and effort needed to succeed. I honestly feel that even after I wrote this lengthy review that it doesn’t do WA true justice.

Now I don’t want to overhype or make anyone feel like they can become rich doing WA; however, if you are someone who is thinking about how to make money online, then WA is definitely an option worth considering.

Just in terms of the quality of the information that they have to offer it is worth going through the training. What I mean is that for $49/MO you can have real quality training on Affiliate Marketing that could help you make an extra or full-time income.

Most other programs will cost a lot more than that a month. Also, other programs might be cheap, but then want to upsell you with different other programs, and I can honestly say that I have been WA for some time and I have yet to have received an upsell.

No upsells just reassures me that WA is out there to provide a service not just lure people to charge or promote them with other products.

In terms of the training itself it is very straight forward, easy to follow, and of course, can’t forget the quality of the education. They also offer your choice of a niche rather than telling you to follow a specific niche.

At WA all tools are included from a keyword research tool to even domain hosting which is rarely ever offered by other training programs out there in the web.

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