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How To Sell Domain Names For Profit

how to sell domain names for profit

In this post I am going to explore how to sell domain names for profit. The best way and probably the easiest way to describe a domain name is to think of it as an identification tag.

The idea of taking a website address (domain name) and selling it a bit like a car or real estate was very appealing.

Domain Name Ideas

domain name ideas

Take a look at the image above and notice how the words go together. This is the same thing you are looking for in a marketable domain name.

.  I remember a few years ago watching a webinar hosted by internet marketer Jamie Lewis (known as the King of Domains). In this webinar he talked about how to find great domains to sell.

One of the key points he mentioned was how important it was to have a domain name you could pronounce. A proper word like not something like A domain name like is a much more marketable name.

I recently found a good refresher course on how to sell domain names for profit called Sixty Minute Flips This course showed how easy it was to take marketable domains and sell them quickly for profit.

Going back to how domain name ideas can be generated you might wish to consider looking at software to help you. You could try Name Smith or Name Mesh. These sites allow you to add combinations of niche (product, service or interest) words, verbs, nouns or buyer words to produce domain names.

A website that I have find to be very good for finding marketable domain names is This is a database of the many thousands of domain names that have expired daily. The main categories listed on the site are expiring, expired, pending delete and auction domains .

Domain Name Appraisal

domain name appraisal

The image above is taken from the The search I carried out was for expired Crypto Currency domain names. I looked down the list of domains for names that made sense and picked out “”

The next thing I would go and do is find out if this domain has any value. I wouldn’t want to be buying a domain I couldn’t sell on. Below I have listed three useful domain name appraisal tools which will help in valuing a domain name.

Taking our example domain name “” These are the valuations from each of the valuation tools above. Free Valuator $20.00; Estibot $100.00 and Godaddy Domain Valuator $615.00

Godaddy Domain Valuator

In the above image of the valuation of On the right hand side you can see domain names that are similar that have sold. Godaddy’s valuation tool is very accurate as it bases values from real time information.

Where To Buy A Domain Name From

Okay we have found a domain name, we have appraised it to determine its value our next step is to buy it. The place you go to buy a domain name from is called a domain name registrar A few of the well known registrar’s are – Godaddy, Namcheap, Bluehost and Hostgator. Registration is usually quick and easy to do. After you have a registered your domain you are all ready to sell it!

Best Place To Sell Domains For Profit

Some of the best places you can sell your domain are Godaddy Auctions, Flippa, Sedo, Warrior Plus or privately via Forums. In future posts I will look into these domain auction sites in more detail.

If like me, you like the idea of how to sell domain names for profit fast you might like to consider this course Sixty Minute Flips.  As the title describes it is all about selling domains quickly.

I found it very informative, easy to understand and the methods described fast to implement and profit from.

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