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Happy New Year!

digging for gold
Don’t give up on your dreams…

Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade too. This post is the first time I’ve posted in a long time. New Year’s resolution will be to post more often and never give up on my goals of making some extra monies online. I am sure I might have said that last year to…Hahahahah!

The thing is, it’s so easy to get distracted from what you are doing and trying to achieve. There are so many marketers out there plying their own stuff and giving you advice – good or bad on how to make money, it can be quite bewildering…

That’s where I think I am. Over the years I’ve followed so many different marketers looking for the missing link on how to make money online.

You see I’ve had this website for over a year. I originally built the site after buying a course by Marc Gray (The Wolf of Online Marketing). Which was a great course all about how to build an affiliate marketing product review site from scratch. This is what I did and it hasn’t turned out that bad. Sure there’s plenty of things I can do to improve the site, but that is all part of the process.

I’ve written some product reviews (affiliate marketing) and that’s about it with this site, I haven’t taken it forward. So this year I intend to do so and hopefully make some money to. When this occurs I will document the process that I went through to achieve this, so as to help anyone who reads my posts.

Till my next post see you soon 🙂

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