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ConvertKit Email System Review


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Do you know why people say money is in the list?
I will tell you…
For every one dollar spent on email marketing, the expected return is $44.00? (Source: Wordstream online advertising management software solution company)
Email marketing is important for your online business. So, if you have not considered using good email marketing software, then you should.
I have researched and used many email marketing systems, free and paid. I am now using one of the most popular systems, ConvertKit.


What is ConvertKit?

It’s an email service provider for bloggers, podcasters, and business who are looking to build an audience.
The platform allows you to:
  • build many email lists as needed
  • automate email marketing with a simple drag and drop sequences
  • build landing page templates
  • segment subscribers by tags (their interests)
  • and more.

Best ConvertKit features for increasing conversions

After using ConvertKit for a year now, I find these to be the best ConvertKit features.
1. Email automation and segmentation
ConvertKit allows you automate email distribution as well as segment subscribers. What this means is that it can segment every email using tags. So let’s say you want to create one email to all subscribers, but want to add a bonus coupon to a select few. They may include those who purchased a product.
How do you do that?
In most email marketing systems, you will have to do it manually. ConvertKit allows you to personalize email based on subscriber’s action or with a tag indicating an action they took. All you need to do is change the tag, update the content and you are good to go.
2. Seamless visual automation editor
I like ConvertKit’s visual automation editor and so will you. It is easy to use, especially when compared to other visual editors I have used. Of course, I have not used all email marketing systems, especially the high-end ones.
Every editing step in your automation workflow is seamless. It even gets better, the editor handles everything. So you are not going to lose the context. You can also edit the forms pretty much the same way.
3. Lead Magnet Double Opt-in
People often think that double opt-on is better than single opt-in, while others think otherwise. But, having a double opt-in improves your email. Yet, in most cases, it hurts your conversation.
Using a lead magnet may solve this problem. When a user clicks a call to action, they can get their freebie without confirming their opt-in. This means getting the best of both worlds.
ConvertKit will let you use single opt-in. When people click the subscribe button, ConvertKit adds them to your list. They do not need to confirm their email address.
4. Auto Resend Broadcast
There are chances that every time you send a broadcast email, only 21% will open it.
Some of the reasons 79% did not open it has to do with your content, your headline, or some other simple reason.
ConvertKit allows you to resend the broadcast to those who did not open it. But this time, you can make changes to your email.

Key benefits of ConvertKit

Ease of use – ConvertKit features easy to understand processes. Nathan focused on making email marketing easy to use for someone like you and me.
Automation – I love the automation features on this system. You can automate your email to all your subscribers, as well as segment them based on their interests.
Outstanding customer service – One of the key benefits of this platform is the support system. Most email tools out there have inadequate support. You will have to browse Google or Youtube to find solutions to a problem.
Pricing – ConvertKit allows you to grow your subscriber’s list, but not at a hefty price. The platform set it’s prices based on the number of subscribers. Not based on number of lists, which will result in double counts.
ConvertKit focuses on the subscriber. Not how many lists or how you segment your subscribers. rarely offers a free trial, but you will get a discount when you have an entire year subscription.

Pros and Cons


Landing page editor: ConvertKit provides and hosts basic landing pages. This is ideal for someone without a website of their own who wants to run social media campaigns.
Responsible support: A very helpful support team who will promptly answer your questions.
Flexible: The auto-sequence capability is impressive. It allows you to organise subscribers the best way possible.
Versatile: Bloggers, podcasters, artists, and those with side hustles can build customer lists.
Customizable templates: ConvertKit has predesigned templates for almost everything whether its email, newsletter and landing page.
Signup forms: Comes with a form builder, so you can create multiple opt-in forms and place them on your site.


Limited email templates: There is no visual editor to make visually-oriented email templates.
Limited free trial: 14-day free trial is available.
Limited third-party integration: When compared to other platforms, it has limited integration with the third party applications.


ConvertKit has not been in the market for long, but so far, it has been able to rank close to most prominent email service providers.
In fact, some of its features, like the segmentation, is not something on other popular email tools. It has everything that a professional or new blogger, artist, or business owner needs to manage email campaigns.
I expect this email tool to continue getting better.

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