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Content Marketing: The Ultimate in Providing Value to Prospects

Here’s a fundamental fact of commercial life:

Your business is not unique.

Unless you’ve created a product that the world has never before seen — and good luck with that! — there are thousands of other enterprises in cyberspace representing the same goods and/or services as you.

 I’ve made this point before and can’t underscore it enough: the most distinctive feature of your e-commerce enterprise is you.

So the sooner you capitalize on it, the better.

The best way of doing so is becoming proficient in a promotion format that allows you to interact with your prospects, and one of the best is content marketing.

This is Reason No 1 why you need your own patch of cyberspace where you are the sole voice.


Social media sites are fine, but they’re administered by someone else who has the discretion to slap or ban you for reasons that may not even be clear. You need the opportunity to qualify your own prospects without any outside intervention.

And that includes ad blockers.

By inference, content marketing adds value to your prospects’ experience with you. Nobody’s going to block value.

Your ability to correspond directly with engaged prospects will facilitate three main objectives:

  • It makes your business day more efficient,
  • It allows you to identify your best customers, and
  • It enables you to spend more time with repeat customers.

This also leads to another vital point as an e-commerce entrepreneur:

Your primary function is marketing.

No matter what your product is …

  • if you’re fluent in every aspect of it,
  • you use it yourself, and
  • you can easily walk any customer through it before and after the sale,

… then the product will sell itself.


Again, your business is not unique. You are. Prospects will no doubt find the same product elsewhere, but they’re seeking someone they can trust before they take action.

So, before and after the sale, your job is to treat them like royalty.

If any selling is required, realize you’re either extremely gifted with that skill set or you need to represent a product or service that includes a professional sales staff.

Choosing the latter will further enable you to concentrate on customer follow-up, which will result in even more sales in the future.

So, don’t complicate your earning potential.

If you provide the personal and professional value, your customers will provide the revenues.


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